Saturday, June 14, 2014

Heads Rolling, Victory Lost

Dear Barack,

My name is (enter the thousands of Iraqis who have lost their heads in the last few days) and I want to tell you something. There was a President before you who was actually a President. He made unpopular decisions. He confronted tyranny. He went to war. He never cowed in the face of fear or terror.  He stood fast behind his convictions. He said "enough is enough" when it came to the brutal, murderous tyranny of Iraq. He sent your brave, young, tough men and women of your incredible armed forces to contain a brutal regime.  

Your brave young forces prevailed over what was one of the most powerful militaries of the time with surgical swiftness. Baghdad fell in what seemed was no time at all. We tore down that statue of the thug of the Middle East with our own hands. We tried the dictator and like it or not, we hung him in accordance with our laws. Victory was at hand. We were turning from tyranny to democracy. Then you showed up. Barack Hussein Obama. You declared Hope and Change would forge a new future and that you would fundamentally transform America. You scared the shit out of us because you told everyone how misguided George W. Bush was. He was the President before you were elected. You are no President, you only own the label. George W. Bush was decisive and you are an unmitigated idiot. He made hard choices and fought for stability. You cow to anyone who is a leader and bow to anyone you fear (everyone).  

Now you have done the unthinkable. When victory and stability was at hand, you left us. When our freedom was so fragile but also so close at hand, you left us. When the World was watching to see our grand experiment succeed or fail, you threw us to the wolves. The wolves have returned with a vengeance. A literal vengeance. They are determined to destroy us and are well on the path to our destruction. You are the enemy and we thought America was our new ally. The fruits of your labors, the legacy of your weakness and the tyranny of your child like behavior has resulted in the deaths, horrible deaths, of thousands. Your lunacy and lack of resolve for nothing more or less than political gain has a country that was once regained from the grips of murderous tyranny, lost to it once again. We look to your favorite whipping boy to save us from your incompetence. Yes, Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, the stated enemy of America is the only country/man, willing to help stabilize the country your armed forces died for in the thousands.  

How does Barack Hussein Obama sleep at night I wonder. He sleeps with no conscience. He sleeps with the protection of the United States Secret Service. He sleeps without fear of a group of armed thugs capturing him, binding him, and cutting his head off with a hunting knife. He sleeps alone, for nobody on this planet, save a few million idiot Americans, want him to spend another minute at the helm of what was formerly a great country. When over 4000 of his greatest and bravest compatriots gave their lives for us, he thumbed his nose at their commander. When he won his predecessors post, he ran away from the victory he held and left us in a power vacuum. That vacuum has been filled with murderous, head cutting thugs that will make Saddam Hussein look like a school girl in a cat fight.  

This time the blood is on your hands Mr. Obama. This time, the lies and deception, the ignorance and incompetence you reign with will be written in blood as your legacy. As I lie here, hands tied behind my back with an American M-16 pointed at my head, defenseless, preparing to die by having my throat slit and my head eventually cut off, I ask you, how does it feel to have the amount of safety and protection you have? As I take my last breaths and pray for my wife and children, I cant help wonder, "why would he leave us like this?" Fools leave freedom at the hands of thugs, zealots and tyrants.  You, Mr. Obama are a stupid, useless, incompetent, fool. We feared and respected George W. Bush.  We laugh at Barack Obama while crying over the deaths of our countrymen. Now I pray for my life, my family and my country. Barry, go Back to Chicago and let an adult step in and try to clean up the mess you leave behind...if you have an ounce of humanity left in you, please help stop the bloodshed once again occurring in Iraq. Your predecessor had the courage to do it, do you? 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

No Second Chances

As we contemplate the upcoming mid-term elections, we need to consider a few things.  As we recklessly bandy about who will run for what and what the consequence will be, we need to be acutely aware of the long term ramifications.  Short term, if we don't elect those with the stomach for repealing Obamacare, the long term is already lost.

If those we elect to office this year and inaugurate next, fail to definitively, decisively and fully repeal Obamacare, the Country is lost. Our future is already compromised by the damage done by Barack Obama.  His foreign and domestic policies have been abject failures and have cost America more than we will ever be able to quantify in this lifetime.  History will not be a favor to Barack and his failures but we must have the fortitude to start undoing the damage as quickly as possible or we may never be able to.

Domestic policy failures will take years to repair but we can recover. Foreign policy blunders have damaged American credibility abroad to such a degree, we will take three Ronald Reagans to recover.  Ronald Reagan asked Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" and Barack Obama has fully rebuilt it.

Granted, Russia is still just Russia. The Soviet Union, thankfully no longer exists but the Russian bear has been reawakened and we will need a good swift blow of a baseball bat to settle the bastard back into his den.  Barack Obama has never known the rigors of having a backbone and will never learn.  He is simply too stupid, incompetent and anti-American to comprehend the damage he has done.  He will eventually be removed from office, whether it is by impeachment or expiration of his term, he will, mercifully, have to leave the White House. When that day arrives, we will be upon the day of reckoning for America.  The question for his successor:  Do we want peace through strength or do we want instability through weakness?

Barack's failed socialist experiment will be a mere bump in the road if we elect his successor knowing full well that we determine the fate of this grand experiment.  If we elect another who prays to shadow his failures, we get to say, "I remember when".  If we elect one with the strength to restore American greatness and exceptionalism, we will return to our former glory very quickly. The mere hope that we are headed back in the right direction will cause a correction.  The wrong choice and we are doomed to a socialist void we may never recover from.  It truly is time for America and Americans to wake the hell up and understand.  That one generation is upon us.  We must prevail or all is lost and America the Beautiful will turn into the United Socialist States of North America.  God Bless America and please, bitch slap her voters.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

King Barack

I return in my mind to a time when we had Presidents. The United States of America once had Presidents. Yes indeed, Presidents, bound by a Constitution and rules of decency. Now we have an elected King who has unilaterally dismissed our revered Constitution, ruled by executive order and tossed the decency of the office out the window.

Barack Obama, with his most recent treason, traded with our enemies to give them back their leaders in exchange for repatriating a traitor who has declared Jihad against America. Surely our King has our best interests at heart. Short and sweet. Long live the king.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How Much is Enough?

The President of the United States of America is in violation of the Constitution. The highest law of the land is routinely ignored by Barack H. Obama. Is it felonious? Well let’s explore this notion a little. What is a felony? Generally a felony is a serious crime. It is a crime serious enough, we as people of this country have decided worthy of prison time of at least one year and a day. What punishment is worthy of an executive of the United States of America, who has sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution, who then willingly and knowingly violates and subverts it? He was a former Constitutional scholar by the way. Either he knows exactly what he is doing or he doesn’t. What does that say about the man currently holding the highest office in this land? I would argue he does know, hence the vile nature of his deeds and the severity of the crimes.

What punishment is appropriate for those who are found guilty of treason? Is willfully violating the Constitution from the Office of the President of the United States any less than treason? Using the most powerful executive office in the country to willfully violate the Constitution is, by definition, treason. Barack Obama overtly and willingly violates the Constitution continually yet our legislative and judicial branches stand impotent and silent. The three branches, the checks and balances, have been thrown out the window. Our Government has been corrupted and turned on its ear with no checks, no balances, and with apparent impunity. There must eventually be some sort of harsh, immutable punishment for those, including our revered President, who willfully turn their backs on and willfully subvert our Constitution.

What punishment fits the crime? Why are the subjects of the laws of this country subjected to severe punishment for violating laws that are by definition, subordinate to the Constitution, while a President, occupying the highest office in the land routinely, capriciously, arbitrarily and glibly violates the highest laws governing the country with impunity? The President of the United States of America has pissed on the foundation of this great country yet he apparently is not subject to any consequence. I care for the Office as it is held by somebody who must be able, preferably through words, cause any despot to give pause. The problem lies in a Commander who threatens but never, ever dares to follow through when his words are not just wholly ignored but uttered to those who chuckle at his weakness.

Barack Obama is a treasonous felon beyond definition. Obama has ruled over more death and destruction, more instability and the utter dismantling of a country and the economy and yet he suffers nothing. I would argue his penalty, the appropriate penalty, should shock any future occupant of the office to a degree that would strike fear, guttural fear, into the heart of any fool who espouses to occupy this great office and then violate his or her oath.

His responsibility was simple: Uphold and defend the Constitution. He chose instead to thwart it at every possible juncture. He chose to willfully violate it and ignore it. If it were you or me, we would be subject to a fatal drone strike or indefinite incarceration at Guantanamo Bay. Instead, he is granted favor, innumerable wealth, protection at our expense, and is elevated to the level of all who preceded and will succeed him. He has diminished the office and the view of the Office of the President of the United States will forever be diminished by his willful actions and his utter lack of action when action was required.

When handing down a sentence a judge considers a number of things, not the least of which is deterrence. In other words, a judge when sentencing an offender he or she hands down a sentence severe enough to strike fear into any potential, future perpetrators. A judge must also consider whether the perpetrator of a given crime has expressed any remorse before, during or after the crime. I would argue Barack Obama has not only been utterly remorseless, he is dismissive of those who are trying to hold him accountable and uses the power of his administration to willfully and wholly intimidate law abiding Americans who oppose him.

What sentence fits the crime? He should be forced to return every penny earned as a result of his political tenure, deliver an apology, live on television, without Teleprompters and be forced before Congress to give full and truthful testimony regarding his actions. Once his testimony has been completed he should be subjected to a Military Tribunal based on his testimony. The damage he has wrought should be fully framed before that Tribunal. Among the charges should be the willful murder of an American abroad by Drone strike with no due process. If it is found he approved the order to make the strike, the appropriate sentence for premeditated murder should be imposed.

He is the Commander in Chief after all. Should he not be subjected to Military Justice and jurisprudence? Why is he not at least facing impeachment and removal from office? Considering his actions in Benghazi, he should be also tried for negligent homicide and Hillary Clinton, his co-defendant. When did we enter the era of turning a blind eye on overt violations of law by our Commander in Chief and his administration? He has certainly taken a shotgun approach to his many and willful violations of our laws. He has violated his oath and the Constitution so many times it not only shocks the conscience, it leaves us bewildered regarding which violations are the most serious and how to effectively put a stop to it.

The precedent is being set for all future Presidents. Teflon Bam (as in Obama) should not be allowed to have these and other charges simply not stick. I’m not suggesting a show trial circus here. I am suggesting an appropriate trio from different branches of the highest ranking Military Officers and a jury made up of similarly ranking Officers.

If found guilty, I don’t believe his sentence would ever be fully executed. The humiliation of a trial and the issuance of sentence should be the absolute minimum this man faces. He should be required to go through the intake process every other convicted felon goes through including a full pre-sentence investigation by an investigator with the highest clearance in the land so nothing need be redacted. He should be jailed while awaiting sentencing just as any other criminal would be if charged with similar serious crimes.

The World already knows the crimes of Barack Obama. Every person in the United States has a similar right to know. Once he has completed the due process, I am certain any sitting President would, at a minimum, commute the sentence and likely grant pardon. So be it. We the People have a right to know how much of what he has done is illegal and despicable, exactly what hand he and others played in it and we deserve nothing less than to have justice. Would we be subjected to any less?

Friday, May 2, 2014


So who on Earth could have predicted how bad Obama could be for America? Well, me for one. One prognostication I got wrong was the level of fraud and stupidity the electorate of the United States of America would engage to put the Teleprompter in Chief back in office.

Yes in 2012, I really believed the American public would wake to the stench of Socialism and by a wide margin, throw the putrid mess out. I was very wrong. Fraud, stupidity and blind loyalty to a bankrupt ideology put the Buffoon in Chief back in office. Now we hold our collective breath for the 2014 election. We hope as a nation for elections with integrity (except of course for the leftist pond scum-you people really suck) and a sea change in the direction of a nation.

With the Middle East burning and firmly in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, Central and South America going to Communist wolves, Russia on the comeback and uniting with China (only a complete idiot would have allowed that to happen…enter Barack H. Osostupid) and Israel on the brink of destruction at the hands of all the above…you have to wonder if the United States of America will ever have another ally. Even Canada has surpassed us in terms only they can understand. China is a bigger economy. A wholly dictatorial, communist State has overtaken the US in economic growth and power! Somebody please resurrect Ronald Reagan!

"Peace through strength." How simple a concept and yet how quickly it escapes us? We have a Constitution, last time I checked, but our Betrayer in Chief has chosen to ignore its entirety. I may be secreted away to Guantanamo Bay for this but this President is guilty…not only of high crimes and misdemeanors but of treason. He has broken his oath to uphold the Constitution, appointed judges to our highest court who willfully and ignorantly thwart its intent and makes law by executive order. Where did our Judicial and Legislative branches go?

Let me tell you. They sold out to bankrupt political ideology and loyalties. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, corporate apologist, nor do I think any of them have any integrity. I’m a realist. I read the cards as they are laid. How does one get appointed to the Supreme Court? Political ties (money). How does one get elected to and maintain a position in higher office? Donations, contributions and political ties. How does one get elected to the Presidency? Stupidity and massive voter fraud and a little (massive) intimidation by union thugs. Who is running this country? The answer to that question is simple but complex.

How do we get our nation back? The only way is to restore integrity to our elections. Anyone and everyone who promotes a notion that it is more important to be inclusive than exclusive to our elections is a fraud and a proponent of tyranny. The notion of inclusion versus exclusion is the tyranny of the left. They say we should never disenfranchise anyone. The converse is truth. We should exclude everyone who is unwilling to prove their right to vote. Anything less is a subversion and perversion of the founding and Constitution of this nation. Call me regressive...I welcome the label. We are the benefactors of a Constitution written by men (sorry ladies) who knew of the tyranny of the World and the willingness of a majority of people to be seduced by it. They carefully crafted a document to protect us. How are we repaying the favor? By being idiots and allowing tyrants into power...By being inclusive rather than exclusive. When the notion of being inclusive over exclusive became en vogue, we lost our country and our souls.

We have collectively allowed our personal comfort to replace our personal responsibility. We have allowed our emotional need to include everyone to replace our responsibility to exclude some. Weakness seems to be the new American Ethic and the loss will be our freedom.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hive Mentality

I wrote a book a while back. The theme of the book is how the Human animal behaves very similar to birds and bees. We tend more toward a swarm than any of us is willing to admit. The person who is able to recognize and capitalize on this reality is one who will reap great benefit. Enter Barack H. Obama. He and his speech writers are truly brilliant with regard to this phenomenon.

Consider what happens when you encounter a bee hive. If you simply walk by, you do not disturb the hive and hence, likely won't have a bad encounter with a swarm of bees. The bees simply go about their business taking care of the hive, the Queen, the larva, etc. However, if you take a stick and start poking at the hive, you may stimulate a swarm attack upon yourself.

Much like the bee hive, the American public seems seduced to a level almost akin to a pheromone high. As long as you leave the dimwitted, zombie-like supporters of Obama alone, they tend to just go about their business. Conversely, if you confront them with one of dozens of facts about how this President is destroying and undermining the Country at a record pace, prepare to have the wrath of the swarm unleashed.

How did a nation of formerly relatively logical people become so enamored with this evil, commie, bastard? How is it that so many people have fallen for the lies and deception of this thug from Chicago? How is it that we as a nation cannot see how he is not just ruining this great country but how he is completely selling us a bundle of lies while taking his ten million dollar vacations to wherever he wants, whenever he wants?

The man is utterly despicable and perhaps one of the biggest hypocrites to ever grace the planet with his presence. He is a disgusting caricature of everything he espouses to despise yet people fawn over his words and defend his actions with absolute blind loyalty. I have personally watched in horror as logical people within my circle of friends have turned into Obamabots. They are seemingly willing to suspend any semblance of logic to support this dirt bag while he undercuts everything this country and our Constitution stand for.

I can't help wonder what Thomas Jefferson or George Washington would say about this man and his overtly tyrannical behavior. What is perhaps even more significant is what they would say about a voting public who not only elected him, but gave him a second term. The outrageous behavior of this President is so beyond what any thinking person could contemplate as a worst case scenario, yet the Obamabots continue their rabid support of him. It is amazing to me that some of the most logical people I know, people who supported my own bid for office as a conservative, now support Barack Obama, the antithesis of what I stand for.

The hive he has created within this nation is beyond anything I could have anticipated in my lifetime. He paints people like me as evil because I will not compromise my principles. I disagree vehemently with the Thug in Chief and for that, I will be forever hated by a certain contingent within our population. Rabid doesn't do justice describing his loyal followers. They are not above violence to defend him and God knows, he is certainly not above it. To state that he is a danger to the very fabric of the free World is to understate the threat he actually poses to the psyche of everyone who inhabits this planet.

The free World has always had detractors namely, liberal fascists who believe they truly know better than you, how to take care of you. Barack Obama believes there is something wrong with America and proposes a fundamental change to the way we live and how we interact with the rest of the civilized World. Unfortunately, those who have come to America seeking the freedom we have always offered are seeing this great nation and its ideals turned on their ear. Why? Because Barack Obama says we need to. Barack Obama is the first President in the history of the US to openly criticize the very nation he hoped to lead and yet there he is, in the most powerful seat on the planet, ruling the nation he hates.

Well, we get what we deserve. The ignorant masses, lacking any fundamental understanding of the geopolitical, ideological spectrum, still don't understand the change he intends to bring about. His is a socialist view and a fascist approach. He is as evil, relative to the ideals of this nation, as anyone who has ever invaded this country and yet, we have re-elected him President. When you consider the founding fathers wished only property owning men to have the right to vote and that policy, had it been preserved, Would likely have prevented him being elected to any high office, much less President. His ideology is a perversion of the ideals of our founding fathers.

The original intent of our founding fathers, left intact, Barack H. Obama would never have been elected, he would have been vetted prior to being nominated and he would almost certainly have never even been elected to the US Senate, much less the Presidency. If people truly understood what he meant by "hope and change", they would have not only thrown him out of the Senate, they would have exiled the man from the country. The hope of a nation was seduced and hijacked by a Chicagoland thug and now we get to pay the piper. Greece is nothing compared to the collapse the US faces. It is inevitable. The hive has been poked and the swarm is being lead by a king rather than the Queen. History has provided us many examples of Barack Obama yet we seem incapable of spotting these tyrants as they ascend to the heights of power. They seduce nations and throughout history, we have been provided so many Barack Obamas...why are we so easily blinded?

It begs one final question: What will it take to wake the duped from their stupor? For the sake of this nation, I hope the GOP stands firm and doesn't blow the next election. If the House falls, so will the nation. The damage will be irreparable and history will be studded with yet another thug dictator. The greatest hope for freedom will be extinguished forever and the lessons of history, lost. It may already be too late but as an American, I must keep hope alive.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Upside Down

The following is an excerpt from U.S. Law and was adopted in 1976:

Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10
As amended by P.L. 344, 94th Congress
Approved July 7, 1976

§ 176. Respect for flag: No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and organization or institutional flags are to be dipped as a mark of honor.
(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

By now, most Americans understand flying a U.S. flag with the "union" or in other words, the stars representing the States, at the bottom of the flag mast or more simply, flying the flag upside down is meant to signal distress. As stated above, the upside down flag is meant to signal "dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

So as not to diminish the true gravity this action is meant to signify, I will not be flying my flag upside down. However, we do face a grave threat to our lives and especially our property. The name of this threat as referenced when introduced at today's inaugural address: Barack H. Obama.

The subtext of his entire speech screamed of collectivism, fanatical support for junk science; i.e. man-caused global warming, and class warfare. He spoke of how we cannot abandon such programs as Social Security and others simply because people, rather than find ways to become truly independent, have instead become heavily dependent on the government.

It begs the question Barack: where in the Constitution does it guarantee, health care or financial support in perpetuity? Sorry, I hate to burst the starry eyed liberal bubble of ignorance but it's just not there.

If we are ever to regain the American edge, we have to begin scaling back the size, scope, scale and intrusiveness of the Federal Government. If there are anymore executive orders signed by this President that directly impact our freedoms as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, I may in-fact change my mind about the orientation of my flag.

If Barack's agenda was fully employed as he envisions it, the America we once knew will become a historical footnote. That America is still within reach but if we continue this rapid slide toward socialism, it will simply not be possible to turn the ship around. I know I heard him right when he used the word "collective" when explaining the effort to keep the nation moving forward.

We all knew he was a collectivist but for him to come right out in his inaugural address and say it was pretty stunning. This President is the greatest threat, foreign or domestic, this nation has ever faced. Fore fathers predicted this. This country will remain a free country until we destroy ourselves from within. Barack's agenda is designed to do just that and he will not stop; on the contrary, he must be stopped.

Congress must stand their ground and thwart any further collectivist actions initiated by this buffoon. The only thing standing between us and the destructive agenda of this President are a handful of Congressmen and Women. I hope they have the spine for they will be relentlessly attacked and vilified by complicit and totally incompetent quacks in charge of the dominant media.

The greatest evil propagated on this nation is the socialist media lead around by the nose by a socialist President. The only thing that comes close is the willful ignorance of a slovenly voter. I sincerely hope and pray I will never have to fly my flag upside down. The determining factor will be whether people in this country begin to comprehend the scope and scale of the damage being done by this President and choose to call for a stop to the destruction. So far, I am not encouraged.