Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hive Mentality

I wrote a book a while back. The theme of the book is how the Human animal behaves very similar to birds and bees. We tend more toward a swarm than any of us is willing to admit. The person who is able to recognize and capitalize on this reality is one who will reap great benefit. Enter Barack H. Obama. He and his speech writers are truly brilliant with regard to this phenomenon.

Consider what happens when you encounter a bee hive. If you simply walk by, you do not disturb the hive and hence, likely won't have a bad encounter with a swarm of bees. The bees simply go about their business taking care of the hive, the Queen, the larva, etc. However, if you take a stick and start poking at the hive, you may stimulate a swarm attack upon yourself.

Much like the bee hive, the American public seems seduced to a level almost akin to a pheromone high. As long as you leave the dimwitted, zombie-like supporters of Obama alone, they tend to just go about their business. Conversely, if you confront them with one of dozens of facts about how this President is destroying and undermining the Country at a record pace, prepare to have the wrath of the swarm unleashed.

How did a nation of formerly relatively logical people become so enamored with this evil, commie, bastard? How is it that so many people have fallen for the lies and deception of this thug from Chicago? How is it that we as a nation cannot see how he is not just ruining this great country but how he is completely selling us a bundle of lies while taking his ten million dollar vacations to wherever he wants, whenever he wants?

The man is utterly despicable and perhaps one of the biggest hypocrites to ever grace the planet with his presence. He is a disgusting caricature of everything he espouses to despise yet people fawn over his words and defend his actions with absolute blind loyalty. I have personally watched in horror as logical people within my circle of friends have turned into Obamabots. They are seemingly willing to suspend any semblance of logic to support this dirt bag while he undercuts everything this country and our Constitution stand for.

I can't help wonder what Thomas Jefferson or George Washington would say about this man and his overtly tyrannical behavior. What is perhaps even more significant is what they would say about a voting public who not only elected him, but gave him a second term. The outrageous behavior of this President is so beyond what any thinking person could contemplate as a worst case scenario, yet the Obamabots continue their rabid support of him. It is amazing to me that some of the most logical people I know, people who supported my own bid for office as a conservative, now support Barack Obama, the antithesis of what I stand for.

The hive he has created within this nation is beyond anything I could have anticipated in my lifetime. He paints people like me as evil because I will not compromise my principles. I disagree vehemently with the Thug in Chief and for that, I will be forever hated by a certain contingent within our population. Rabid doesn't do justice describing his loyal followers. They are not above violence to defend him and God knows, he is certainly not above it. To state that he is a danger to the very fabric of the free World is to understate the threat he actually poses to the psyche of everyone who inhabits this planet.

The free World has always had detractors namely, liberal fascists who believe they truly know better than you, how to take care of you. Barack Obama believes there is something wrong with America and proposes a fundamental change to the way we live and how we interact with the rest of the civilized World. Unfortunately, those who have come to America seeking the freedom we have always offered are seeing this great nation and its ideals turned on their ear. Why? Because Barack Obama says we need to. Barack Obama is the first President in the history of the US to openly criticize the very nation he hoped to lead and yet there he is, in the most powerful seat on the planet, ruling the nation he hates.

Well, we get what we deserve. The ignorant masses, lacking any fundamental understanding of the geopolitical, ideological spectrum, still don't understand the change he intends to bring about. His is a socialist view and a fascist approach. He is as evil, relative to the ideals of this nation, as anyone who has ever invaded this country and yet, we have re-elected him President. When you consider the founding fathers wished only property owning men to have the right to vote and that policy, had it been preserved, Would likely have prevented him being elected to any high office, much less President. His ideology is a perversion of the ideals of our founding fathers.

The original intent of our founding fathers, left intact, Barack H. Obama would never have been elected, he would have been vetted prior to being nominated and he would almost certainly have never even been elected to the US Senate, much less the Presidency. If people truly understood what he meant by "hope and change", they would have not only thrown him out of the Senate, they would have exiled the man from the country. The hope of a nation was seduced and hijacked by a Chicagoland thug and now we get to pay the piper. Greece is nothing compared to the collapse the US faces. It is inevitable. The hive has been poked and the swarm is being lead by a king rather than the Queen. History has provided us many examples of Barack Obama yet we seem incapable of spotting these tyrants as they ascend to the heights of power. They seduce nations and throughout history, we have been provided so many Barack Obamas...why are we so easily blinded?

It begs one final question: What will it take to wake the duped from their stupor? For the sake of this nation, I hope the GOP stands firm and doesn't blow the next election. If the House falls, so will the nation. The damage will be irreparable and history will be studded with yet another thug dictator. The greatest hope for freedom will be extinguished forever and the lessons of history, lost. It may already be too late but as an American, I must keep hope alive.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Upside Down

The following is an excerpt from U.S. Law and was adopted in 1976:

Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10
As amended by P.L. 344, 94th Congress
Approved July 7, 1976

§ 176. Respect for flag: No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and organization or institutional flags are to be dipped as a mark of honor.
(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

By now, most Americans understand flying a U.S. flag with the "union" or in other words, the stars representing the States, at the bottom of the flag mast or more simply, flying the flag upside down is meant to signal distress. As stated above, the upside down flag is meant to signal "dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

So as not to diminish the true gravity this action is meant to signify, I will not be flying my flag upside down. However, we do face a grave threat to our lives and especially our property. The name of this threat as referenced when introduced at today's inaugural address: Barack H. Obama.

The subtext of his entire speech screamed of collectivism, fanatical support for junk science; i.e. man-caused global warming, and class warfare. He spoke of how we cannot abandon such programs as Social Security and others simply because people, rather than find ways to become truly independent, have instead become heavily dependent on the government.

It begs the question Barack: where in the Constitution does it guarantee, health care or financial support in perpetuity? Sorry, I hate to burst the starry eyed liberal bubble of ignorance but it's just not there.

If we are ever to regain the American edge, we have to begin scaling back the size, scope, scale and intrusiveness of the Federal Government. If there are anymore executive orders signed by this President that directly impact our freedoms as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, I may in-fact change my mind about the orientation of my flag.

If Barack's agenda was fully employed as he envisions it, the America we once knew will become a historical footnote. That America is still within reach but if we continue this rapid slide toward socialism, it will simply not be possible to turn the ship around. I know I heard him right when he used the word "collective" when explaining the effort to keep the nation moving forward.

We all knew he was a collectivist but for him to come right out in his inaugural address and say it was pretty stunning. This President is the greatest threat, foreign or domestic, this nation has ever faced. Fore fathers predicted this. This country will remain a free country until we destroy ourselves from within. Barack's agenda is designed to do just that and he will not stop; on the contrary, he must be stopped.

Congress must stand their ground and thwart any further collectivist actions initiated by this buffoon. The only thing standing between us and the destructive agenda of this President are a handful of Congressmen and Women. I hope they have the spine for they will be relentlessly attacked and vilified by complicit and totally incompetent quacks in charge of the dominant media.

The greatest evil propagated on this nation is the socialist media lead around by the nose by a socialist President. The only thing that comes close is the willful ignorance of a slovenly voter. I sincerely hope and pray I will never have to fly my flag upside down. The determining factor will be whether people in this country begin to comprehend the scope and scale of the damage being done by this President and choose to call for a stop to the destruction. So far, I am not encouraged.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Distractions indeed. Perhaps the biggest question a person might have right now is: Has America lost its collective mind? We have a President who has become enamored with the idea of disarming law abiding citizens. Or has he? I get into philosophical and practical arguments with every gun control fanatic on the planet it seems. Do I really have that many people who actually disagree with the notion of a firearm being nothing more than an inanimate object not capable of creating harm unless and until a human handles or mishandles it?

May we who have at one time or another mishandled a firearm be damned to hell for eternity! If the President’s IQ is above that of a newt, he understands the notion that no matter the magazine capacity (and no Barack, they are not called “clips” for God’s sake!) of a given weapon, it is utterly harmless until a human interacts with it.

I checked out a video the other day and I would link it if I could find it again. It featured a couple of men testing the effectiveness of a .22 round. They started with a .22 short round in a small handgun and from a short distance it easily penetrated a ½” pine board. At a distance of 10 yards, it was still able to penetrate the pine board. I know from over four decades of fight training, a ½” pine board is similar in penetrability to your forehead. Therefore, if a projectile can penetrate the board, it can theoretically penetrate your forehead or, in other words, be fatal.
These fine gentlemen then upgraded to a .22LR (.22 Long Rifle) round which is a substantially more powerful round yet, it is considered to be a tiny, relatively harmless, round. They loaded up a rifle with the .22LR rounds and fired them from various distances.

From every distance, the .22LR round penetrated the pine board with ease. They ended their experiment by taking the rifle out to 450 yards and firing it into the board. It penetrated the board multiple times with ease.

What am I getting at? Well the thesis, the ridiculous premise floated by the Manipulator in Chief is if you eliminate certain “types” of weapons, you can reduce violence. The utter lack of logic of the premise has infected the psyche of so many loons it is simply dumbfounding. This logic, if applied to any other subject would quickly be turned on its head. If I use a big, stainless steel pan to fry my steak, it is more likely to burn than if I use a little stainless steel pan, therefore the big stainless steel pans should be outlawed. Really? If I bring a machete to a knife fight, I have a much greater chance of killing my opponent therefore the machete should be banned. If I am way smarter than my opponent in a debate, I stand a much greater chance of making them look like an idiot therefore, intelligence should be banned.

How can one make a logical analogy from such utter stupidity? We deserve better, like having an idiot President who is destroying the country and gutting the Constitution elected to a second term…no wait, we already did that. How any logical person can subscribe to the lunatic fringe notion that by banning a certain type of weapon is going to reduce violence takes a unique brand of ignorance.

Somebody please tell me what comprises an assault weapon or a military style assault weapon. As one who has an enormous amount of experience and training with all manner of destruction, I can tell you a mini 14 is a semi automatic .223 caliber rifle. They are capable of handling a 30 round magazine. They are wonderful little rifles and are carried routinely by ranchers and others with the need to dispatch rodents.

During the Brady years of various types of weapons being banned, the manufacturers of the mini 14 came out with a “Rancher” version. It held the legally permissible number of rounds. It was still just as devastating as an AR-15, had the same capability (minus the round capacity) as an AR-15 and they tend to be more reliable. The difference? They have a wood stock and no pistol grip. They were not banned.

What most idiots who subscribe to the “ban those assault weapons” don’t seem to understand is I can do just as much damage with my little semi-automatic .22 rifle as scum boy in CT did with whatever weapon he used (which has yet to be revealed to the public). The misinformation and the disinformation (for the low information voters-disinformation is that information put out for public consumption that is deliberately inaccurate) flowing from the government and our esteemed Idiot in Chief, is stunning. His lapdogs are lapping it up and preaching his bullshit message of “banning certain types of guns will reduce violence”.

Tell that to the people who died in Oklahoma City at the hands of Timothy McVeigh or the 3000 killed by terrorists armed with…oh the horror…box cutters. Wake the hell up and smell what you’re shoveling people. The President thinks he can surround himself with children, read letters from children and sway public opinion. Well, apparently his sheep are easily fooled. This man is the most disgusting, cynical dictatorial freak to ever hold the office he currently occupies. 2016 cannot come soon enough. By the way Barry, make sure those armed guards protecting your children are in place tomorrow morning and make sure you disarm all of us law abiding people you hypocrite. I guarantee you if your children were ever placed in harm’s way, I would lay my life down for them as I would for you. You obviously do not subscribe to the American ethic so I won’t be looking for you to cover my six, rather I will look for you to undermine this great country.

As for the troops you are determined to lay waste, you have an eternity of karma coming your way. It is not my place to judge you but suffice to say, even a dork like me can identify an idiot when I see one.

Finally and to the title of this article; Barack Hussein Obama is nothing if not a master manipulator. You just have to be really stupid to buy his insanity. This whole school shooting and gun banning escapade is nothing more than his rather effective means of distracting us…his adamant opposition from the logical, gun owning public. Yes Barry, I know how to use them, I have more experience with guns than you have with governing and it shows. It’s much like what would happen if you hand a loaded firearm to a toddler. Either they will hurt somebody or scare the shit out of everyone. Just like Barry at the helm of the formerly great USA.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cowardly New World

Well, the election is over, the results are mostly in and America has once again taken a very hard turn to the left. The nonsense sunk in and we get four more years of insanity and socialism. The markets were responding favorably to an expected Romney Victory. Obviously, investors are running for the hills.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has plummeted since the election results were known. People who returned Barack Obama to office obviously have no sense of the fiscal reality of his first Presidency and no concept how far he is willing to take this.

It is a stunning day for America when you have voter ID laws being voted down, election integrity being voted down, record low turn out and insanity as the end result. We are asking Barack Obama to do what he did for four more years and we are expecting a different result. Well, my friends, the result will be very different. Debt and taxes will skyrocket, health insurance will become a pipe dream for all but the wealthiest Americans, and our military stands down...weakened by a grossly incompetent President.

You get what you vote for and this time around, you will get it square in your pocket books. Major companies are already announcing massive layoffs. The stock market is plunging and financial markets are descending into disarray. President Obama is assuredly planning his next golf outing at your expense while the markets burn. Harry Reid has announced he believes this election was a mandate to raise taxes. The biggest tax increase in US history takes affect right before Obama's inauguration in January.

Health insurance costs are going to skyrocket as they necessarily must under the Obamacare mandates. If you don't lose yours, you will be inclined to cancel it due to the massive increases in rates. Buyers remorse should set in about this time next year when millions more have been laid off, Federal extensions to unemployment are already being cancelled and people will lose far more than their homes and cars. Despair will rule the day a year from now and as Obama goes on an anti-Constitutional crusade, rights will be trampled, martial law will be imposed and anyone who challenges this dictator will be crushed.

It truly is a cowardly new World with millions of people placing their faith in the President's ability to make decisions for them rather than seeking to protect the right to make their own.

Finally, all you abortion rights extremists, thank you for placing your vagina and ability to kill a fetus above that of American greatness. You are inspirational to all Americans. Hispanics who voted illegally should be hunted down and jailed for terrorism. The rest of the ignoramuses who voted for Obama, will get what you have coming to you. Four more devastating years. I am embarrassed to call myself American but I can't find a decent paying job to help me escape.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Incompetence = American Deaths

In another stunning display of utter incompetence, Barack Obama has allowed more Americans to be killed at the hands of Muslim scum. As soon as the reaction to the trailer for an anti-Muslim film caused violent reactions in Egypt and Libya, our President should have taken action. Instead, he relied on his useless words to address it.

Dear Mr. President, your words are useless, your actions or lack thereof, speak volumes and your incompetence is stunning. Americans are dying at the hands of the Muslim scum you have supported in Egypt and Libya in their bloody power grab in both countries and now, the blood is on your hands. You had hours to respond to this escalating madness and now we have a dead ambassador.

Barack, what will it take for you to wake up to the vacuum you have created in the Middle East? They have destroyed an embassy and murdered Americans in the name of their lunatic religion. You have cozied up to their leaders and when an explosive situation presented itself, the best you could offer was to thumb your nose at the only ally we have in the region.

You're a child in President's clothing. The only problem is, now the Emperor has no clothes. You have been exposed for the useless, incompetent, buffoon you are and now, the only thing that stand between you and unemployment is a woefully ignorant US electorate.

The deaths of Americans in the Middle East underscore your inability to manage a country and its assets. You are a disgrace to this nation and you owe it to those who died to simply step down. Will you do it? Of course you will not because your party demands power and you are their most likely conduit. Therefore you must run and continue this facade of a Presidency. If you ever cared for this country, you would resign your position but you lack any modicum of decency or morality.

In closing, Mr. President, as a fellow American, I am tired of and disgusted with you and your facade. You have diminished the American luster and caused this country great damage. You have diminished our standing in the World and when other leaders look upon you, they chuckle at your ineptitude and openly flout their willingness to kick our asses. Four years ago, there was no country on this planet that dared challenge us. Now they burn our embassies and kill our ambassador and you hide behind your words. Well done young peasant. This is your legacy and it is a sad and pathetic one.

Good day Junior.

Monday, September 10, 2012


The new tag line for America should be "Land of the free, home of the brave and bastion of ignorance". The willful ignorance of the left is stunning to say the least.

How anyone in their right mind could support Barack Obama for another term boggles the mind. He has single-handedly destroyed the American work ethic in one term. More people collect some form of government aid than in any time in our country's history. What nobody wants to admit is the simple fact that the job market in America has become so bad, people are applying for disability when their unemployment runs out rather than take a less than desirable job.

While Barry and his band of thieves destroy the credibility of America, Americans fearful of becoming destitute are applying for myriad benefits and hanging out on Facebook promoting his brand of American weakness. Whenever I see an Obama 2012 sticker, not only do I cringe, it makes me think there should be a litmus test of some kind before voting or at least a requirement to post a sticker next to the Obama 2012 sticker that simply says "I'm Stupid!"

The level of partisanship and ignorance required to bring a person to support the current President is something of fables. How on Earth did we ever drive this country this close to the brink of socialism and those on the left have not a clue? While Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi tout the accomplishments of President Obama, the real goings on are wholly ignored by the left and Barry is held up as some kind of magical uniter.

What people on the left failed to hear at the DNC convention is the repeated lines of growing a spine and being unapologetic for their brand of politics. The age of thugs and criminals waging war against a decent nation has arrived. The kind-hearted, church going, conservative, business person is now the enemy. The Union thug who votes early and often, then stands outside a poll with a baseball bat to fend off the church lady is branded a hero.

How did we go this far off course? Well the "media for Obama" crowd explains much. The lame stream media in America has certainly done much to pump his bottom line, deflect the reality of his message and apologized for the mess we now find this country.

Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as the worst President ever, it's just a matter of time. However, in the meantime, Americans have to get a clue or the worst President in history will get another four years to further dismantle a nation and destroy the American Dream fully and completely.

A civil war is not yet in the works but give Barry another four years and it becomes inevitable. Do I really believe people will take up arms against the government? No, but I believe the government will take up arms against the people in ways we cannot even fathom at this stage of the game. When Barry's thugs take up arms against us, the repercussions and reaction will be swift and severe. Impeachment is not only likely, it is a forgone conclusion. Barack Obama's Presidency must end at the polls or the divisions in this nation will become so deep and wide, it will take generations to heal them.

He has to leave such a mess behind, there will be no conceivable way to repair the damage. Trillions in additional national debt, reduced GDP, unsustainable entitlements, weakened military and unfathomable World destabilization. It all fits into the formula of destroying America. It is cold, calculated, premeditated murder of the American Dream.

Divide and conquer is his mantra, his practice, and will become his legacy. He has already divided a nation and he will not stop until American greatness is a thing of the past. The Chinese and Russians love him. The head cutting thugs in the Middle East love him as he cozies up to the Muslim brotherhood taking over and the drug cartels in Mexico love him for fast and furious. As he attends fewer and fewer intelligence briefings, the nation seems bent on becoming exponentially less intelligent. He would actually have to be held accountable if he had any idea what was going on in the World. He only knows one thing...he only focuses on one thing: "How can I most efficiently and effectively destroy American greatness and destabilize the World as quickly and completely as possible?"

America has always been a super-power and the corrupt and dictatorial regimes have always had to contend with that power. Now they have an ally in the White House doing what they have been trying to do for the last 120 years. He's doing it in record time and with a ruthlessness unprecedented in history. Just wait folks, the best is yet to come. Either we vote this thug out or he will sick his thugs on us. Mark my words.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Now or Never

Folks...seriously it is time to pull our collectives heads out of our backsides and decide if we desire the fascist utopia of Barack Hussien Obama and Michelle "I know everything better than you do" Obama. These two people are the most destructive presence this country has ever had and if allowed to continue for another four years, they will debase and destroy everything good we know as the American Dream.

I cannot help question how the collective IQ in America has sunk so low. I am seeing "Obama 2012" stickers on cars. Who are these people? What are they smoking and where can I get some? The lunacy of anyone who would willingly submit to four more years of this buffoon is stunning. He has created a power vacuum in the Middle East we will undoubtedly deal with for a hundred years, managed to destroy our credibility with all hostile regimes and gutted our economy. He has succeeded in pushing an unconstitutional health care bill nobody can fully understand and for some unknown reason, the Supreme Court has lost it's collective minds.

It seems stupidity is contagious and for me to postulate as to the reasons seems pretentious and presumptuous. So, let me pretend and presume; the American psyche has been destroyed, the "Dream" reduced to "hope" and the future subject only to "change". Great job!

In one fell swoop, we elected an America hating scumbag, his pretentious and elitist wife, a certifiable kook as Vice President of the formerly most powerful nation on Earth and we scratch our heads and wonder why we are still in a recession and getting our asses kicked in Afghanistan.

Iraq was ours to lose...he lost it. Afghanistan was ours to lose...we're losing. Russia had been relegated to third world status and now they are pushing us around like a 40 pound weakling on the playground. China owns more of America than Americans do and we are piling on debt like its a good thing. What will it take to wake the sleeping masses? I have regular, albeit, mostly written, conversations with liberals who seem hell bent on keeping this thug in office. They cannot see the fascism of his belief system. When I point it out, they simply back-peddle to their hateful rhetoric and predictable talking points.

America is at a cross roads. I tire of those who say "this is the most critical election of our time" but this one, it really is. We are at the brink of destroying the greatest free nation in the history of Mankind and the juncture lies in the hands of the American electorate. Wake the hell up people. It is do or die time!

Mitt Romney is certainly not my first choice for President of the United States of America and I know we have better leaders in our quiver. Why they never rise to the top is beyond me. That said, I will take Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama all week long. Mitt has at least demonstrated the ability to be successful in the private sector and held executive level positions unlike the current loon in the Oval Office. God save America. Please, for your own sake, pay attention, study up, listen, observe with a discerning eye and an objective view. Barack Obama must go. He simply must not be given another term or the America we know will be reduced to a hope for change back to what it once was.

God Bless America!